Hall of Fame

Here you will find some of the best competitors from Ulster both past and present.

All athletes have represented their country at World Championships or Commonwealth games

*ATMR - Weightlifting Ireland All time 100 ranking list (Mens)
*ATWR - Weightlifting Ireland All time 100 ranking list (Womens)
Emma Alderdice (ATWR #1)
Donald Coates (ATMR #2)
Paul Ross (ATMR #09)
Neil Dougan (ATMR #10)
Eamonn Byrne (ATMR #11)
Laurence McConnell (ATMR #14)
Peter Stewart (ATMR #15)
Sammy Dalzel (ATMR #17)
Joe Sheppard (ATMR #20)
 Alex McAfee (ATMR #21)
 Tommy McAfee (ATMR #25)
Buster McShane (ATMR #34)
Bruce Bamford (ATMR #61)
EJ Finnigan
James Power

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